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Goblin Encounters – Angelo D'Ambros Encounter (Part 2)

Goblins have been with us since the beginning of human mythology. Today, the term has evolved from a vague reference to several types of creatures, into a well-defined category. Everyone has a similar image that pops into their mind when the word goblin comes up.

Being a goblin has also become a sought after state. The term goblin-mode, has been fluttering around the internet. Generally, this is the state of indulging in the baser pleasures of sloth and gluttony, maybe even greed.

That isn't to say that goblins are strictly mythological or fictional. At least, not if you believe Billy Ray Taylor and “Lucky” Sutton. Their tale might have been easier to dismiss, if it wasn't for a similar goblin encounter from 1978.

Angelo D'Ambros was a 61-year-old Italian man who lived near Gallio. He was going about his chores, gathering firewood, on the morning of 24 November 1978. That's when the goblins came.

Electric Goblins

Angelo D'Ambros Electric Goblin encounter
Could you put the machete down?

Angelo D'Ambros noticed movement on his left. He saw, to his shock, that what he may have assumed to be a cat, was actually a pair of diminutive creatures hovering 40 cm above the ground.

They had oddly yellow skin stretched taut over their skeletal frames. Both creatures were bald, with very long, pointed, ears that ended above their heads. Their noses were similarly long and pointed, with tips ending beneath the mouth. Sunken white eyes stared at him from lidless sockets. The creatures sported a pair of 'tusks' at the corners of their mouths.

Angelo reported that they wore close-fitting overalls of a dark material that covered them from knee to neck. Both goblins had oversized hands and feet, each appendage tipped with sharp claws.

The smaller goblin began gliding back and forth in front of Angelo. It moved effortlessly in the air.

Angelo D'Ambros was, understandably, freaked out. He screamed for help, and when none came, resorted to asking the goblins what they wanted with him. To which the smaller goblin responded in unintelligible goblin language.

Their intent soon became obvious, when the taller creature lunged for Angelo's machete. He wasn't about to give his machete to the grotesque gremlins, so he fought back.

On two occasions, the tall goblin managed to grab onto the machete. Each time, an electric shock numbed Angelo's arm. He managed to hold onto his weapon despite the shocks. Although, he never considered using the machete on his alien assailants.

Eventually, Angelo D'Ambros thought of going on the offensive. He grabbed a stick, and went about menacing the goblins with it. Strangely the machete didn't seem threatening enough.

The goblins fled at the sight of the stick. Which is good to know, goblins hate sticks. If only the group in Kelly-Hopkinsville had been using sticks instead of shotguns, they may have won their skirmish with the goblins.

Angelo, emboldened by his victory over the goblins, chased them down. He followed them into a clearing, where he saw a flying saucer. Well, it wasn't flying at the time, so perhaps it was a parked saucer.

The goblins flew up to the top of the UAP, and opened a hatch at the top before scrambling inside. Angelo must have waved his terrifying stick at the saucer, because it soon shot off into the sky. There was no noise, and it left no trace save for a burst of red flame.

So what do you think? Are goblins real, hailing from outer space instead of a hole in the ground? Or, does this tale come from a time when outlandish stories of creature encounters were even more readily accepted than they are today?



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