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Writing Contest

So you want to tell a story, eh? 

Entering the Wolfenhaas writing contest is a simple process. Make sure to read the submission guidelines below, carefully, and stick to the theme.

Submissions are done through our Facebook Page.

Easter Excess!

Rules and Regulations

  • Entries should include a title page containing the details of the author: Name, Age, Email Address, Prior Publication History, Social Media Links (only for use if you win)

  • Any permutations on the theme are allowed, except for erotica (stories can be sexy, but not sexually explicit)

  • Feel free to play with genre, it's all fair game

  • Entry Fee: No formal fees, if you want to contribute to the effort, buy us a coffee with the Donate button 

  • Where to submit: Submit your stories online, to our Facebook Page. Don't forget to mention that you are entering the Flash Fiction Writing Contest.

  • For any queries, feel free to contact us through the website's chat function, or Facebook Messenger

  • If your work is accepted, it will be subject to an agreement granting Wolfenhaas exclusive online worldwide English rights. This common practice means we retain the right to be the only journal publishing your piece online. For secondary print anthologies and collections, published authors must request approval from Wolfenhaas prior to publication and give us credit as initial publisher. We will most certainly agree to secondary print publication so long as we’re credited. You retain the rights to the work after first publication. If you have any questions regarding rights, please contact us through the website chat function, we're very responsive.

  • ​By submitting your work for consideration, you agree that:

  • (1) The work is not in the public domain, has not been published in any other publication in any jurisdiction in the World, has not been distributed or displayed to members of the public, and you have not made any agreement with another party inconsistent with granting first publication rights to us. (It is important for us to know if your work is to be included in a collection or larger work being prepared for future publication. Please let us know, right away, the title, publisher and planned publication date.)

  • (2) The work is your original authorship and no other party has a claim to rights in it except as you specifically disclose at the time of your submission;

  • (3) The work was not generated by an AI writing assistant;

  • (4) There is nothing in the work that is libelous, invades personal privacy or deprives another of the right of publicity, or is otherwise harmful or illegal.

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