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Antrovis Cult – Space Slavs

Everyone is looking for something to believe in. Some people find that thing in the “normal” religions. Others find it in beliefs like nationalism, bigotry, or an outspoken attitude towards a lifestyle. In the end, nearly anything can become a cult.

Some things start out innocently enough. Things like the Antrovis Cult. Starting out as a self-help/meditation group founded by Edward Mielnik, the group quickly escalated into a full-on UFO cult.

Murder, mayhem, and genital mutilations were soon to follow.

Edward Mielnik, leader of the Antrovis cult that believes Slavs came from space
My name is Edward Mielnik, and I'm just awful

International Center for the Regeneration of People and the Earth

Like most people, Edward Mielnik wasn't always a cult leader. Born in 1941, he would be greatly influenced by the rampant propaganda of the early 20th century. At first, he was a simple diesel factory stoker in Wrocław, Poland. Some time in the late 70s or early 80s, Edward got into Hypnotism, Psychotronics and Bioenergy healing.

Psychotronics, as stated on the United States Psychotronics Association's website, is:

“the science of mind-body-environment relationships, an interdisciplinary science concerned with the interactions of matter, energy, and consciousness”

Which immediately rings my pseudoscience alarm. The same goes for Bioenergy Healing. As far as I could tell, from the cursory scan of the “literature” it is a practice akin to Reiki, Chi control, and other such “manipulations of the energy field that exists in all humans”.

Shortly after immersing himself in all of these “New Age” beliefs, Edward had his vision. Edward was visited by none other than the Virgin Mary in 1983. To put this into context, the Polish people were largely Catholic at the time.

So what did Mary, Mother of God, say to Eddie, Stoker of Diesel? That he was chosen to save the Slavs with the aid of the aliens, of course. So save the Slavs he did, or at least he tried to in his own misguided way.

Throughout the 80s he ran his self-help classes throughout Poland. By the end of the decade he had amassed quite the local following. He registered the name, the International Center for the Regeneration of the People and the Earth, in June 1990.

At this point, his teachings were still fairly tame. Edward Mielnik's beliefs became popular throughout Poland, and even with the Polish diaspora in the rest of Europe.

Antrovis - Slavs get Spacey

As his following grew, Edward Mielnik felt the need to expound on his beliefs. The foundation of his new theology was based on something that he claimed happened millions of years ago, allegedly.

Once upon a time, two spaceships landed on Earth. These spaceships did not come from the same place, and they bore two different species of “alien”. Both of these species were human in every conceivable way.

The first landed on Mount Ślęża in Poland. Aboard the craft were the first Slavs. These Slavs came from the planet 'Atlanta', and they were the greatest of peoples with the purest blood. All Slavs had the innate ability to “predict the behavior of physical forms before they became”.

Does that whole pure blood thing seems a little Nazi-like? Well prepare yourself for the second half of this origin tale. I'll give you three guesses who was on the other spaceship.

If you guessed the Jews, then you win the 'able to spot predictable anti-Semitism in conspiracy beliefs' award.

Brace yourself for some serious anti-Semitic bullshit. Hebrews were from the planet 'Hebra', and they landed in Poland's Mazovia region. The Jews immediately lied to the Slavs, convincing them that the center of the universe, which was Mount Ślęża, had shifted to a location controlled by the Hebrews.

The two peoples began populating Poland, which seems to have been the only place on Earth. Their collective prayers all went to the Hebrews, and as a result they were able to create a god, called Gottlieb (which literally means 'blessed by god', but is also somehow the name of their god).

Gottlieb got with the Virgin Mary (who was Polish). Their union produced Jesus, who was half-Jewish and half-Slavic. Of course, the Jews tried to get Jesus on their side. He resisted their temptation, and sided with the Slavs instead.

At this point it is important to add that has nothing but respect for both the Slavic people and the Jewish people. The views discussed here are just reported beliefs, and do not reflect anything supported by us.

According to the Antrovis beliefs, the world is doomed to end in a dematerialization event in 1999. The solution is of course to get back on the spaceships and zip off into space.

Both Slavic and Hebrew spaceships run on energy that is found in people from Central Europe. This energy can come from the power of their belief, or their actual organs (especially genitalia, we'll get into it).

So for some reason the Hebrews want the end of the world to end everyone (themselves included for some unexplained reason). To further their 'agenda' they 'created' Hitler. Yes. Edward Mielnik blames the rise of Nazism, and the subsequent Holocaust, on the Jewish people.

Remember when we told you he was extremely influenced by the propaganda of the early 20th century? This is what we meant.

Hitler's plan failed. So, according to Edward Mielnik, the Jews created more dictators, like Stalin. These new assholes would continue the obscure goal of letting everyone on Earth die.

Antrovis believers had one hope. The aliens would come to save them, or, 144,000 of them. If that number is familiar, it is because it is from the bible. Remember that this insane New-Age UFO cult was built on the bones of Catholic beliefs.

Edward Mielnik stated that the 144,000 would be 'pure' Poles of the 'white race'. The aliens would also rescue around 500,000 people of other races, because they are nice like that. The racism is very strong in this one.

Followers of Mielnik believed that the aliens would rescue them in 1992. Shortly after their rescue, the world would succumb to “Energy Chaos”.

The price for a ride with the aliens was offering up a part of your body. Organs were good, limbs were great, but the best fuel was undoubtedly Slavic testicles. This belief led to several cases of self-mutilation.

Crimes of Antrovis - Aside from The Rampant Racism

The International Center for the Regeneration of the People and the Earth was officially dissolved in 1993, following an investigation by the Polish Intelligence Agency.

Police reports link the cult to 2 disappearances. The suspicion is that the group either kidnapped people outside the cult as a source of energy (human sacrifice and organ harvesting) or that people within the cult died from injuries sustained during self-mutilation rituals.

One of the victims was a teenager named Andrzej Cielecki. He found the Antrovis cult, and bought into it hard. Andrzej attended the meetings, and their blend of white nationalism and New-Age spiritualism appealed to him.

He dropped out of school, spent his days meditating and changed to a restrictive diet in preparation for “something”. His mother grew concerned, but couldn't get through to her son.

Andrzej stopped sleeping, and became aggressive and paranoid. One day he left for “school”, and he was never seen or heard from again. This happened after the cult's supposed dissolution in 1993.

In 1995, a German member of Antrovis traveled to Poland. His family became concerned when he failed to arrive at his destination of Szczecin. They raised the alarm, and soon enough the police found his body in a river near Wrocław.

Several wounds were found on his body. The cause of death was either the head wound or the amputated testicles.

Police immediately identified 2 surgeons, who were known members of the cult, as their chief suspects. The surgeons were rounded up, interrogated, and released in quick succession.

Despite the investigation, the police found no evidence linking the very specific mutilation to the cult that is known for this particular kind of mutilation. Well done cops.

Poland had enough of Antrovis. The public turned against them and the cult was pushed further into the margins of society. They responded by saying that they would never hurt anyone. Never mind their hateful beliefs and history of human mutilation.

Edward Mielnik called the accusations 'slander', and claimed that he never even met the victim.

The case went cold in 1996, and all official documentation of the murder was destroyed in 2009, due to 'clerical error'. You can't fool me, Antrovis infiltrated police!

Antrovis may have disappeared, officially, but many people believe that the cult is still out there – harvesting Slavic testicles to power their spaceships.


Edward Mielnik is the product of his time. He built a belief system on the anti-Semitic beliefs of the Nazis, the framework of Catholicism, and inspired by the UFO mania of the late 20th century.

The man used his cult to do fairly standard cult-leader stuff. He convinced his followers to abstain from sex, abort their children, and mutilate their genitalia. All while he himself indulged in all the sex he could stand.

His followers were distanced from their friends and family. At first only by the strangeness of their new beliefs, and later by the persecution complex present in most cults.



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