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Will Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple vault b be opened?

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Ancient people lived in a world that was still full of magic. Curses, gods, and secret passages to the underworld were all very real to them. Many ancient tombs are said to be cursed, and many of those have already been opened. The curse of Tutankhamen's tomb is probably the most famous example of this. There are always explorers foolish enough to tempt fate by opening cursed doors. One door remains sealed against the ceaseless curiosity of humans, Vault B of Padmanabhaswamy temple in Kerala, India.

The Temple of Vishnu

Padmanabhaswamy temple is used as a place to glorify an avatar of the Hindu deity, Vishnu (Krishna). Within the temple, the statue of Sri Padmanabha (the avatar of Vishnu) reclines on the serpent, Adi Shesha. This serpent has 5 inward-facing hoods that signify contemplation. The treasures contained within the temple are supposed to increase the potency of Vishnu. Only Hindu visitors are permitted entry into this holiest of sites

According to Indian law, it is possible for deities to own property in India. Padmanabhaswamy temple is therefore owned by Vishnu and operated by the Travancore Royal family as his representatives. This custodianship was contested in 2011 by the Kerala government, following the death of the ruler of the Travancore Royal family. The Supreme Court of India ruled in favor of the royals, and they maintained their Shebaitship of the site.

Sealed by Sound

Many fringe theorists have suggested that sound is capable of great wonders. They believe that by knowing an object's resonant frequency, you can levitate that object using soundwaves. Some suggest that the Coral Castle, a monolithic sculpture garden built by Edward Leedskalnin, was built using this technique. The Castle was built over the course of 20 years. Edward accomplished the feat of moving the up to 30-tonne stones alone. When asked how he did it, he would claim to have "discovered the secrets of the pyramids."

Researchers claim that the stones used in ancient sites like the Great Pyramid of Giza and Gobleki Tepe were moved similarly. Some even claim that resonant frequencies can be used to reshape large stones. This claim applies to the enigmatic door of Vault B in Padmanabhaswamy temple. Legend has it that the vault door was sealed using soundwaves generated by a secret chant. This secret chant is known to be some form of a Garuda Mantra. Vault B can therefore only be opened by repeating the chant. Modern Hindu priests claim that there is no-one capable of chanting the sacred Garuda Mantra and opening the door today.

Unimaginable Wealth

Out of the 8 vaults contained within Padmanabhaswamy temple, only 6 have been opened to date, by order of the Supreme Court of India. Within these vaults, they found $22 Billion worth of treasure. This treasure includes solid gold statues, 18-foot diamond necklaces, bags of gold coins from around the world as well as many more valuable treasures.

Vault A contained a solid gold throne covered in precious stones meant for an 18-foot deity. The treasures contained within Padmanabhaswamy temple are believed to have been donated over the course of thousands of years by various dynasties. Because of the immense wealth contained within, and the gold plating covering the exterior, Padmanabhaswamy temple is the wealthiest institution in the world.

Curse of the Cobras - Earlier Attempts at Opening the Vault

According to Emily Gilchrist Hatch's book, 'Travancore: A guidebook for the visitor' there were earlier attempts to open the vault. The group that tried to gain entry in 1931 had to flee when they were met by a flood of cobras from within the vault. There was another group in 1908 that abandoned the attempt upon discovering the cobras.

The legend of Vault B states that should any human attempt to gain entry without using the Garuda Mantras, they would unleash great disasters upon the world. Curses have long been used to dissuade potential tomb raiders from entering sacred sites.

In 2012 an official attempt was made to access Vault B. The Supreme Court appointed a team to open the doors. They opened the metal-grille using keys held at the temple. After passing through an antechamber, they came upon sturdy wooden doors that they managed to open as well. Then, after moving through another small chamber, they came upon a securely jammed iron door. This door was held in place by three locks, only two of which they managed to open. The third lock defied them long enough for the Travancore Royal family to file an injunction and stop the team from entering.

The injunction still stands to this day, and despite years of litigation, it will remain in place. There are currently no official attempts planned to open the mysterious vault. We can only guess what treasures or horrors might be contained within Padmanabhaswamy temple vault b.



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