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Letters from Nevermorrow #1

Revolution Post Apocalyptical City Wallpaper

Today was difficult. The world has made me keenly aware of the ways in which I relied on you. Our girl is doing well, she snared her first rabbit last week. She was so proud to provide food for us. You've never seen a prouder four-year-old.

I think it's been around that long. Four years since you traded your life for hers. If it were up to me... I'd have you both. She looks so much like you that my breath catches in my throat every time I see her. Black curls bounce wildly as she tears through the bushes after adventure.

She has no fear, just like you. I have to keep reminding her not to make too much noise, but she is four. Most of the time, she is mindful not to leave any trace of her passage. I've been teaching her what I know about this new life. She can bandage a wound and splint a bone like a real pro. Knowing which berries to eat and which to use to coat our arrows comes naturally to her. It's remarkable how well she is adapting to this life, it just goes to show how adaptable humans can be.

We've been heading north, just like you planned. I can hear the Creepers scratching around outside at night. So far they haven't found us, but only time will tell if we'll be ready when they do. I told the little one to run and hide if they do. Hopefully, I can buy her enough time to get to safety.

When the bombs dropped, I thought we'd be fine, at first. They fell so far from our country that it seemed we wouldn't be affected. First, the crops died, then people started getting sick too. I would have died if it wasn't for you. My god, I miss you so much.

You wanted our girl to learn to read and write. I'll try to find a book or something when we next get to a town. Hopefully this time we won't run into any of the others.

Until next time, my dear. With love, from tomorrow.



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