• Brent Streeter


Takeaway pepperoni pizza by freefoodphotos.com

We never saw it coming nor imagined that it was ever possible, but now here we are, living in a dead and crumbling world. Gone are the days when the sounds of children playing in suburban streets were commonplace. The bustling noise of a city’s nightlife, and its neon lights burning bright, consumerism at an all-time high. It was a truly glorious spectacle, one that most thought would last for an eternity.

They were all wrong.

Now all we can do is hide and scurry away. Scuttling about in search of scraps to eat or someplace warm and dry to spend a night, all the while staying below the radar of the new regime known only as the Order.

Those unlucky enough to be captured were rumored to have been sent to the factories, although no one has ever escaped, so it’s all speculation really. The first to be consumed by the new regime was the scientists. They were harvested from all across the globe and shut away, some say cryogenically frozen to keep hopes up, but we all know what truly happened to them.

Next on the list were the food delivery services and outlets. The Order was clever and quick to realize that we so heavily relied on the services, and to sever them would be to strike somewhat of a killing blow to the world as we knew it.

I remember the day as if it was just yesterday, when the Order reached our city. Chaos erupted in the streets, citizens outraged at the removal of such a vital and ingrained way of life went on to riot, not knowing where to turn or who to blame. I and the others watched from our apartment balcony as the riots reached a volatile peak. We thought at first it was a joke. We laughed and jested, we thought we knew better, it was fake news, it had to be, what else could it be?

Then we saw the Order roll in, and those in the streets began to run, panic-stricken. Neither I nor those around me would be able to forget the atrocities we witnessed that day. The sound of marrow slurped from the bone. The sight of melted skin and flesh littered the streets and walls. People were being torn open like condiments their blood used as dipping sauce, fingers as actual finger food! The order was ruthless, as they moved through the streets consuming everyone in sight, leaving the leftovers of those they had tired of in their wake for vermin to pick clean.

We ran then, to hide, to get away, doing anything to escape that nightmare.

We joined the rebellion for a time in an attempt to fight back, but it didn’t last long, we just couldn’t keep up with the Order and the number of troops it pushed out. Many on the front lines died from overindulgence. I, myself, watched a troop die in my arms, while melted cheese escaped their mouth, their last words haunt me to this very day, “My eyes… my eyes were just too big for my stomach.”

It soon became clear to those who remained that there was little chance of victory, and we conceded to the Order. We disbanded and scattered across the city, the Order still hunts those of us who managed to escape, and I’ve lost contact with those I started with. I only hope that they’re out there somewhere, still fighting to stay alive.

Our world has crumbled, and all that’s been left to us and future generations are the leftover crumbs of a once-proud civilization.

Everything changed when the pizza turned on us and all we can do is wait for the prophesied day to come, the day of the great rot.

When we smell it, we will have won.