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Alien Big Cats – Beast of Bodmin Moor

People have a strange reaction to the word alien. It is usually met with derision and disdain. Making any honest academic discussion very difficult. Especially considering that the word simply refers to something that doesn't belong, a non-native entity or object.

The same goes for the term Cryptid. Once Gen Z got a hold of the word, it became a catch-all term for monsters, folkloric spirits, and creepy pasta creatures. Which is sad, because Cryptozoology has proven the existence of a few animals over the years.

Such is the case with the Alien Big Cats of Britain. Sightings of much too large felines, stalking the wildest parts of the British Isles. This cryptid is held as the best candidate for discovery by the Cryptozoological community. But how did panthers, leopards, and tigers start showing up in the island nation? People, that's how, and the exotic pet trade.

an alien big cat walking out of a flying saucer ufo, the beast of Bodmin Moor
Why not both?

The Beast of Bodmin Moor – Back Panther

In the early 90s, the British government ordered an investigation into the possibility of a panther living in Bodmin Moor, in Cornwall. They had received over 60 reports of sightings of a black cat roughly 3 to 5 feet (1.52 meters) in length. Considering the high occurrence of mutilated cattle found in the Moor, an investigation seemed prudent, if only to pacify local anxiety.

The government investigation failed to find any evidence for or against the existence of a big cat on the Moor. Investigators labeled the case as a big maybe, and left the Moor as quick as they could.

Bodmin Moor is the perfect setting for a Beast legend. The landscape is bleak, consisting of a granite moorland covered in heather. Local legends are filled with ghosts, ghouls, and goblins.

Mollified by the government report, the people of Bodmin Moor went back about their business. Ignoring the dead cattle, and telling themselves that the Queen's government said there was no such thing as the Beast. That is until a young boy found a leopard's skull on the Fowey riverbank.

They sent the skull to the National History Museum. It was subsequently identified as belonging to a leopard skin rug. Case closed! Museums have never not been right. The museum says there's no cat, then there is 0% chance of-

In 1998 a video was released showing a large black cat moving around in Bodmin Moor. The video itself is tough to find, considering all the videos made about the Beast of Bodmin Moor clogging up YouTube.

Some have suggested that the Beast of Bodmin Moor is a panther that escaped from a private collection. Others think it is the ghost of an extinct species of big cat that used to dwell in the region. The weirdest theories link the Beast to Cornwall's allegedly haunted history. Blaming ghosts, and fairies for the strange sightings of Black Cats.

The Beast of Bodmin Moor isn't the only Alien Big Cat reported stalking the cloud-washed landscape of Britain.

What do you think is the truth? Meanwhile, sightings continue to this day.



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